Welcome to my site. I’m a candidate for the 2018 Gibsons Council election. I hope you find enough information here to help you decide to vote for me on October 20th. I am a proactive and experienced proponent of all things fair and equitable and I have managed environmental, and community interests for over 20 years. I believe that the role of Council is ultimately to manage the resources of the community sustainably and for the well-being of community members. I believe in democracy and that only through good governance can a community fulfill its vision and achieve common ground. Since 2012, I have called Gibsons home. I’m very happy to be here and ready to serve my community. To learn more about me and my campaign goals please check my Bio and Platform pages.


My vision for Gibsons is that in the next 10 years it truly becomes “the world’s most livable town.”

It will live up to this 2009 award designation


  • we value and protect our most important asset—our aquifer
  • we are all able to live, work, and play here
  • we cherish and preserve our heritage and small village character
  • we encourage residents’ participation in decision-making
  • we foster an economy that is inclusive, diverse, and resilient